From the recording Apocalypse Somniun

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Exsilium et conspiratio

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All composition, arrangements, mix and lyrics by: Velfragor

Voice Lilith: Alejandra Flores
Voice Luzbel: Velfragor

All music recorded at : Volker Studios /France

Mastering by Salvador Holbox
on Cymatic Studio Recording, Mix and Mastering


Exsilium et conspiratio

But I offer you the crown not like my queen
if not like my duality;
the absolute will,
mask of the balance of my being

Your heaven will be infertile;
the earth our domain;
Adam only one slave and her Eve the reason for her fall
Lucifer I will dance for you in the sea of the dead
first rebel, first mother of Babylon
but they will call me
Babylon’s whore

You will never be my consort,
You will be always mother
Mother of new Gods

My eternal lover ... endless lust,
Lucifer is your name, adored by me,
respected by hosts of ancient angels
Give them the apple ... I'll give you real life

He Will fall
Adam will be punished for us
That will be interesting
Come my love
The Hell is waiting of us
Ours Kingdom forever