The Singers


As Luzbel/LuCifer

Velfragor is a Mexican artist living in France, who takes us from the beauty of the divine to the depths of the darkest and most human emotions, touching the most basic passions and delighting us with his mysterious behavior.

Gio Diaz

As God in Nomine PAtris & PRetium Libertas

Spanish interpreter who intervenes as the voice of God in Genesis and paradise in this Black metal opera, however for professional reasons he leaves the project but not before having given us impeccable work and complete presence.

Breen Herrera

chorus in Filius Prodigo

Mexican vocalist, singer and music therapist who accompanies the choirs of the second song Filius Prodigo, giving a very particular color to the Gregorian chants at the beginning.text

Myriam Mateos

As Eve in Pretium Libertas

Catalan vocalist, powerful interpreter who gives life to Eva's first appearance in paradise after her creation from Adam's rib and having her encounter with Luzbel in the form of the serpent that would give the secret of life.

Esmeralda Nemhain

As Eve

Mexican opera singer who interprets a second facet of Eve when she fell under the seduction of the serpent and brought their union to a climax carrying Cain and Abel in her womb, defying God and Adam.

Armando Gallo

As King Solomon in Obscurum Veneficus Rex Rebel

Mexican composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with a long career in the metal scene and very outstanding with his duo project: Klek, he plays the wise king with a noble and majestic feeling.

Frédéric Anger

as Jesus Christ

Successful French vocalist from the Delenda Est Carthago and Thrashtalk projects who demonstrates through his interpretation his interpretative and histrionic capacity, the last to join this black metal opera.

Vivian Becerril

Eve's voice in Judicium Libertatis & Milca's voice in De poena Mendacii et salis

Mexican vocalist who participates in the prologues, giving her sweet voice to the characters described in the biblical texts.

Ana Melin

Voice of Virgin Mary in In Meendacium Incipit Plaudite Manibus

With feeling, sensuality and with a sweet interpretation, the voice of the mother of the Nazarene brings us, being her first participation in a professional recording, so thanking her in a special way for her courage and integrity in this project.

The Musicians