1. Lilith Osculum

From the recording Apocalypse Somniun

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Lilith Osculum

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All lyrics & Instrument, Symphonic arrangements and mix symphonic by

Luzbel voice: Velfragor
Lilith Voice: Alejandro Flores

Guitar solos: Martin Xipe-Totec
Mix and Mastering: Salvador Holbox


Lilith Osculum

The night will claim me as queen
the wind will be my dress,
the stars my crown
the moon my eternal doom
my doom
fire and darkness are my love and my lust

The firmament trembles now!!
when God left his grace on her
without knowing that twisted fate
it was being woven against his infinite selfishness.

His sinuous dance provoked me

The stars are jealous of her walk
I lose myself in her absolute grace
Longing for what I never thought
that I'd long for
without being his slave

without being a master
not like God who did not fall in love with her
I just wanted own her

What will God know about love?
when everything is only one game for him

when he feels are own of they creations
without freedom or own thought
but here her omnipotence has failed
Hear her song of freedom:

I was born free
I'm perfect apotheosis
unsullied soul of unbridled lust,
Without master or dominion
I have only what burns in my heart

I have fallen at her feet
being my eternal goddess;
cursed mother of my children
He never accepted to lose her

Luzbel, come to me!!!
Adam is not up to me
wanting to dominate my freedom
plead with Her for another wife,
that I marry the universe itself but not God ...
I hate him

She as all my beauty
She is my queen

It is time to leave this mirage;
He will condemn me to reign to hell;
so be it then amen

I want to run away from here
The paradise is not my home any more
We rule in hell

I can feel
I can feel the reproaches
I can feel the hate
I can feel the hate jajajajaja

he wants me
he wants me for him
I can feel the reproaches
I can feel the hate
I can feel all your resentments

I’m Babylon’s Whore
Calling by him
I Will be the goddess of destruction for ever