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Satus Puncto: Lilith Osculum incipit Prologus

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All composition, arrangements, mix and lyrics by: Velfragor

Voice Adam: Armando Gallo
Voice God: Gio Diaz
Voice Luzbel: Velfragor

All music recorded at :
Volker Studios /France

Mastering by Salvador Holbox
on Cymatic Studio Recording, Mix and Mastering


Satus Puncto: Lilith Osculum incipit Prologus


Here is my work
I who have created the times
to the worlds, to existence itself;
but ... I need even more!!!

Adam will be my favorite creation
Yes, I will give you… life and the order of everything
majesty in creation in my eternal name



On your Image and likeness
you have created it yes! chained;
lacking in freedom and thought;
puppets in your sacred name
pathetic clown ...


You have given me life, oh father!
however, you have also condemned me to loneliness
between beasts that live in pairs
I beg you, give me a partner
a counterpart one significant


I listen to you my son and I grant you
of my blood, of my mind
the one who will be your wife will be born from my wishes
your perfect partner