1. Filius Prodigo
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Filius Prodigo

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Filius Prodigo
(Wings from Hell)

O filius tyrannus: rex tenebras,
et tenebras noctem
alas Luzbel invocatum est
tibi maledictus a Deo est superbia,
et ceciderunt de filio prodigo,
quod bellum erit
mea culpa est,
mea culpa est;

Arcane fall
when my memory is gone
my presence rest in peace
you don't know who I am
because he writes the history...
Pathetic Liar!

The Wind sing my sorrow
dark sky is my robe
tears of pain falling for my face

The Moon rises in sky
Tears of blood in my eyes
dark spell in your hands
when shadows rewrites
all history who lies
I can drown heaven’s cry

He calls me a traitor and not a liberator
I'm the night? I’m the death? He is life?
I'm king of creation
pointing me out as the evil
And I'm just the balance
in the world of desperation of God
fuckin god
God is not my master

You know the truth inside of you

He and I would not exist without you
dear mortal

Filius Prodigo, rex tenebras
mea culpa est, Filius Prodigo
rex tenebras, alas Luzbel
Ave Satan
I’m Satan
war is coming
you know I’m your master

Flaming sword cuts the horizon
my claws take the moon

listen to my whisper
cover you under my wings
if you want have wisdom
Neither heaven or hell belongs to you
If you have ever seen my eyes
you will have looked at eternity forever

I want to feel your skin

If you can read on my face
you can learn from my wisdom
come to me and feel my touch
you will know how is my tenderness
and true love

Be my night solo
My caresses over you naked skin
that’s my sin forever Come to me and give me your mind
Your body and your soul

Let’s yourself go
Let’s yourself go
Let’s yourself go
Cast into my power
with my name in your guts
Give me your and guts forever

Eyes are windows of soul
And you can come here with me
Under the shadow of moon
my arms claim for you
I’m the night I’m the ruler of hell
The lord of darkness

I’m Satan I’m the lord of the night

My wings arise from hell
Ave Lucifer Ave Lucifer
The Rise of the moon in the sky
Tears of blood in my eyes
The spell in your hands
When the shadows arise
I prefer to rule in hell
I’m the Satan your lord
I’m the king from hell for eve