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Cover of the new single: Filius Prodigo

Cover of the new single: Filius Prodigo

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These projects do not have any sponsorship or subsidy so everything you see here is created and produced with my own means, with a lot of passion, effort, studies, hours and hours of practice, and so my dream is to materialize it and take my universe to your senses. That is why I ask for your help to continue bringing my work to reality, knowing in advance that in return you will always receive a return from me for the support you give me. 

Thanking you for your support so that the trip continues 




Filius Prodigo

The Infernal Prayer

O filius tyrannus:

rex tenebras,

et tenebras noctem alas Luzbel

invocatum est tibi maledictus a

Deo est superbia,

et ceciderunt de filio prodigo,

quod bellum erit mea culpa est,

mea culpa est;