Fillius Prodigo

The Firts Single

Filius Prodigo marks the return of Velfragor to the symphonic black metal scene, this being a concept album where the theme will be the story of Lilith; Lucifer and God in the eternal battle of good against evil, love and passion.

But ... who is the real evil?

Under Angel's Spell

Under Angel's Spell

These seven deep themes are intended to be a fearless exposure of the soul of the artist who invites us to follow the road of his dreams and desires.

Again with the participation of artists from the Mexican metal scene like Foeticide and Xipe-Totec and in France Julia Roxanna from Kosmik Vortex for the theme "The Phantom Of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Le Chant de Dantes

Le Chant de Dantés

"L'homme qui devint dieu et le Diable"

2010-2020: Fourth Album (Double)

Adaptation in Metal Opera of Alexandre Dumas's work "Le Compte de Monte-Cristo" divided into II acts. The first part with eighteen songs that introduce us to the story of Edmond Dantès, his fatal destiny, his return and the culmination of his revenge for those who made him suffer a fate more cruel than death.

The Dark Exile

The Dark Exile

When Lucifer Fell

Second album: Adaptation of John Milton's centerpiece "Paradise Lost" divided into five acts titled "The Dark Exile".
John Milton, in his novel, tells us, with masterful poetry.

Velfragor in his own interpretation of the creation of humanity clearly raises a question:

Is Lucifer really the villain of this story?

Instrumental and Rock Albums

Beyond Of Ira

One Dream

Third Album : 100% Instrumental this album brings together the different symphonic parts of its predecessors, in addition to two new compositions on human introspection and the continuous struggle between good and evil, between happiness and melancholy.

New section

Sûr la Route de Rêves Oublies

One voyag for French's Legends

sixth Album

For this trip in Provence, Velfragor inspired by the landscapes and legends of the region. just accompanied his guitar he lets his imagination to paint divâguée magical tables where witches dance with the devil in an endless Sabbath, when knights use their sword to defend the dreams of young ladies, where vapors bar show us caresses a good rosé wine, where rain exudes the scent of wet earth.


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The beginning of journey

First Experimental Album

Rock album in Spanish of first compositions whose lyrics are simple but loaded with messages on the themes of feelings and doubts that animate every human being during the journey that we call Life.